Centre of Excellence

Services offered include Auditing of CDM Processes, Training in CDM Processes, Collation of Key Performance Indicators, and Benchmarking.

Centre of Excellence

cdmUK.com was set up by Ai Solutions to be a Centre of Excellence for construction professionals who want to:-

  • Share their experiences in CDM Management
  • Enhance their knowledge in regard to CDM
  • Obtain support with the CDM Regulations.

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Risk Free Compliance

We now offer a new wrap-around service for CDM Management. This service is aimed at Corporate Clients wishing to enhance their management of the new CDM 2015 regulations. Our new service has three elements:-

  • ToolKit CS™ - an Enterprise wide solution
  • CDM Training in regard to the CDM regulations
  • External quarterly audits required to monitor outcomes

This service is available on a five year contract on a fixed annual tariff. For more information or a consultation and demonstration please contact a member of the team.

KPI's and Benchmarking

ToolKit™ users and associated partners have an outstanding opportunity to measure and improve our CDM management to the point where health & safety is improved. Equally, we can seen by others to be improving through the use of KPI’s and benchmarking. We are all looking forward to some progress on this issue. If you are interested in discussing this or simply want to be kept informed, please contact us.